About Us

John M. Reardon, MA


On the Celtic New Year and All Saints day, November 1, 1984, John Reardon founded Phoenix Process Consultants. It was the embodiment of a Dream he had in 1971. It was founded based on some very basic and primal human desires:

-to use our human spirit to overcome life’s difficulties.

-to learn to live fully.

-to grow and transform life for selves and others.

-to transform energy into achieving.

-to fulfill our social nature by joining others and sharing life.

-to take ones place within the world of soul and transcendence.

The Dream coupled with intensive and highly applied training in Adlerian Psychology and Counseling, prepared John for a fascinating and fulfilling journey. This journey was of and for relationships. It connected John with searchers–individuals, couples, families, and organizations. With Adler as a force and a guide these diverse relationships were experienced and transformed.

Within this lived experience, fear was replaced by courage. Doubt gave way to self confidence. Hesitation disappeared as action and movement once chosen, prevailed. Healing and freedom overcame dis-ease and fear of failure and loss.

In an elegant simplicity, people, couples, families, groups and organizations interacted, faced fears, set defenses aside, and turned self-protection into contribution. Goals both visible and invisible were created and met. A deeper community feeling emerged and grew.

Through Adlerian training, his life experience, and personal heritage, John has learned to create and engage in human experiences that fit the lives of clients and interested participants. Within this process “difficulties” and “struggles” are embraced as important and meaningful parts of life. From Adler, John has learned how to encourage clients and participants to use their own “creative force”, and “spirit to overcome”, and adapt, grow, and be more fully alive. During these experiences, clients and participants are encouraged to “claim” their authentic thoughts, feelings, intuitions, and instincts. In other words, to be the person they were meant to be.



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