The Wellness Process for Individuals and Couples

The Wellness Process (Individual Wellness or Couples Wellness) takes place over a three-month period where you will receive 20 hours of individual and group counseling and psychoeducation.  We focus on Wellness by using your strengths. Accepting the challenges of life, we help you assess your current state of wellness, and design a plan to live a wellness lifestyle.

Individual, Couples, and Family Counseling

The counseling process at PPC is distinct from the “Medical Model”; that is widely practiced in the USA.



Organizational Training & Consulting

At Phoenix Process Consultants, we see organizational training as a way to learn skills, deepen competency, create a lively work organism, and build positive work culture.

Stress and Anger Management Program

PPC provides a unique approach to managing stress and anger that is based on effective action rather than talk and meds.



Bob Bartlett, MA, LAMFT

For many years I served adolescents, teens and families as a youth minister and school counselor. Since 1999 I’ve been helping individuals, couples and families who struggle with depression, substance abuse/addictions, relationship issues, adjusting to change, grief/loss and other concerns. I direct marriage preparation courses for engaged couples; provide marriage counseling and enrichment courses; help adolescents, teens and families cope with divorce; and facilitate growth and change for individuals with a variety of concerns. I work in a way that is both supportive and challenging to best serve my clients. Myself and colleagues conduct interventions for families dealing with chemical dependency issues.
You don’t need to have a diagnosis or disorder to work with me. I help people with small everyday concerns and desire for growth too. At some point or another just about every individual, couple or family could benefit from support, clarity and guidance to move toward wellness.
I am a national speaker on topics such as sexuality, chemical dependency, adolescents, teens, families, and spirituality. I also facilitate interventions for people with addictions, with an 85% success rate of the loved one entering treatment, and provide after-care for the individual and family following treatment.

Addiction Assessment


Men’s Group

This men’s group focuses on relationships. Participants share their successes, their struggles, their challenges, and learned insights into marriage, family, life.



Engaged Couples Retreat

The goal of these retreats is to provide couples with knowledge and tools that help create healthy, lasting marriages. 


Family & Adolescents

Working with individual teens and with the family systems.


Grief & Loss