The Wellness Process for Individuals and Couples

The Wellness Process (Individual Wellness or Couples Wellness) takes place over a three-month period where you will receive 20 hours of individual and group counseling and psychoeducation.  We focus on Wellness by using your strengths. Accepting the challenges of life, we help you assess your current state of wellness, and design a plan to live a wellness lifestyle.

Individual, Couples, and Family Counseling

The counseling process at PPC is distinct from the “Medical Model”; that is widely practiced in the USA.



Organizational Training & Consulting

At Phoenix Process Consultants, we see organizational training as a way to learn skills, deepen competency, create a lively work organism, and build positive work culture.

Stress and Anger Management Program

PPC provides a unique approach to managing stress and anger that is based on effective action rather than talk and meds.